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LinkedIn Text Ads
LinkedIn Text Ads Best Practices & Outcome of the Same

The most important professional networking services used in the form of business and employment-orientation is known as LinkedIn. This social media platform is geared for professionals all around the world, and it helps them to build a portfolio of their professional networks. However, LinkedIn is not only beneficial for professionals and…

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Google Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool
Google Ad Preview & Diagnosis Tool – Know The Importance

The Google AdWords Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool are one of the important components of Search Engine Marketing. This tool in the Google Adwords account help in identifying the reason behind the disappearance of any extension. There is a lot to say about this tool, but before that, let’s understand what…

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White Hat vs Black Hat SEO
White Hat SEO vs. Black Hat SEO – The Key Difference

When digital marketers try to improve their website ranking, they usually employ certain techniques, which can be differentiated into Black Hat SEO Techniques and White Hat SEO Techniques. But before we understand these two terms, it is important to know what search engine optimization is. What is Search Engine Optimization? Search Engine…

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Life as Digital Marketer - MCTA
Life as Digital Marketer – Role & Responsibilities

The genre of marketing has achieved new heights with the incorporation of digital technology, and the common question that may come into the minds of the customer is “what is digital marketing?” For understanding this, you must unravel the meaning of digital marketing and role of a digital marketer. What is Digital…

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Why we love Search Engine Marketing (and You, Should, Too!)

The internet is the most popular source of knowledge to the consumers and they use the internet for making their buying decisions. Therefore, the internet plays a major role in communicating with customers and maintaining their relationship with them. To market the products and services, the internet is a great…

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Skills Required To Become A Digital Marketing Expert

Digital marketing is one of the most popular forms of advertisement nowadays and is becoming an increasingly specialized field. Being digital marketing personnel is not an easy job, because people in digital marketing possess a number of specific skill sets that are necessary to attract potential customers to businesses. However,…

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Trends In Digital Marketing One Should Know

Digital marketing is one of the most common ways of advertising your product to potential customers nowadays. However, with the growth in digital marketing, most of the traditional methods of digital marketing are becoming outdated as new digital marketing trends are on the rise. For the best results, get the…

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